5 Home Decorating Trends for 2018

Read on to learn more about the materials, colour, accessories and design trends that are shaping homes around the world in 2018.

1 – Go dark.

Forget the classic "white and bright" feel. This year, it’s time to go a little darker. Charcoal, dark gray, and black walls are becoming influential trends in interior design. Keep in mind that these moody colour schemes work best in sun-drenched spaces, creating a perfect balance between light and dark. If black isn’t working for you, try other brooding, moody tones, such as emerald green, violet, and navy blue.

5 Home Decorating Trends for 2018

2- Colorful Kitchens.

The kitchen is the meeting place in the household, and it’s where families continue to spend most of their time. Consider adding a splash of colour. If you are tired of neutral style and colour themes, adding bright paint, wallpaper with exotic pattern, or new tiles with a pop of colour will add a lively spirit to your kitchen and bring your space together. A huge popular trend is sinks that are colourful - try red or navy blue.

Colorful Kitchens

3- Raw textures.


Texture continues to be a big player in interior design and decoration. This includes wood tables with an unfinished touch, pillows and blankets with raw fabrics, and industrial-style metals with an unpolished look.

Raw textures

4- Rose gold and brass

Lamps, mirrors, or other accessories add a whole new dimension to your space, without having to invest in new furniture. Copper is being left behind in 2018, leaving room for the new kid on the block - rose gold and brass, making for a more elegant and sophisticated style.

Rose gold and brass

5- Back to nature

For a more natural, raw, and rustic look, go back to the basics. Think exposed wood, bare metal, and industrial-style furniture. The "salvaged" look is as trendy as ever!

Back to nature

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