Sofa or Sectional??

The most important decision you will make when planning your living or family room is your sofa or sectional. Your sofa or sectional is the anchor of the room and as such is the first item you need to select when decorating your space. A lot goes into choosing this piece of furniture.

Make sure whatever you choose will fit into your home!!

Before you do anything (Pro Tip) – check the entrance ways into the room and your home/condo to determine if there is any condition that will impact the size or orientation of the sofa/sectional. Your room may fit an extra long sofa but if the elevator to your condo has limitations then so does your sofa choice. Double check door widths too – most delivery people are experts at getting big pieces into small spaces but there can be limits that creativity does not help. If you are dealing with issues that a few inches can fix – choose furniture that allows for some disassembly. For example – legs or arms can be removed outside and reassembled inside.

Size and Shape

Once you’ve got your entrance limitations figured out – get out a measuring tape and green painters tape (Pro Tip) and block out the space on your floor you would like your sofa to fit into. Sofa’s and sectionals come in all sorts of sizes and orientations. This will be your main seating area and you may want to maximize the use of your space. Measure and draw the info onto paper and take a photo of it (Pro Tip)_ – you can always have it handy as you start looking at prospective furniture. You may also want to take photos of your space and other furniture you already have. Now that you know the size of the space you have to work with it’s time to consider style.

Loveseats + Settees

These small pieces offer comfort and can be extremely stylish without overwhelming a smaller room. Keep in mind Loveseats and Settees comfortably seat 2 people. If your space allows for larger options you will definitely want to consider a size up.


Sofas come in many lengths, ranging from 55”-109” or longer you really have endless options. Your sofa is meant to anchor your room and give comfortable seating for 3 or more people. Sit on a lot of sofas (Pro Tip) before you finalize your decision – there are many of variables in design and seat comfort.

Small Sectionals

If your space is not large a sectional may still be an option, Manufacturers are now offering condo sized sectionals in order to cater to the needs of the condo owner. Having the extra chaise adds comfort for those who like to lounge full out while watching TV. Small sectionals are also ideal for entertaining. Keep a watch for options that allow you to choose what side your chaise is on and converts to an ottoman when required. Some even offer storage - these are small space miracles. The photo above shows a sectional that can have chaise on either side or convert to a sofa and ottoman combo. Brilliant.

Large Sectionals

If you’ve got an open floor plan a large sectional is a great option for your home – it maximizes seating while acting as a room divider (Pro Tip). Often larger sectionals are made of modular pieces which allows you to design a personalized orientation that makes the best use of your unique space. Adding a large ottoman can create more seating, lounging or function as a coffee table.

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